Variable previously maintained two websites, one for Variable itself and one for it's flagship device, Color Muse. Variable needed to consolidate the two sites into one as the Variable team grows and expands the products that they offer.
The new site includes the first glimpse of the reimagined Variable and Color Muse brands. As Variable has grown since its founding in 2009, the branding has grown stale. The new Variable branding strays away from the previous bright blue gradients and ultra-thin text, offering a more bold and exciting typeface and color scheme. The new branding emphasizes a deep navy blue with an energizing orange accent. As a color company and thought leader, choosing the new brand colors for Variable was not a small task.
The site allows customers to learn about Variable and their mission, as well as learn about and purchase the Color Muse device. Additionally, the site introduces Variable's newest product - Variable Cloud.
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